Best Containers for Container Gardening

While there is no match of in-ground gardens, not everyone can set one up. Some people can’t grow a regular in-ground garden because they don’t have enough outdoor square footage in their house or they live in an apartment. Setting up and maintaining an in-ground container is also virtually impossible for all those elderly who can’t put in much physical effort.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

For all those who love gardening but can’t have a regular garden, they should consider container gardening to fulfill their passion. Container gardening requires lesser space and puts less strain on the back. You can set it up anywhere in the house to transform its look and feel.

The 5 Best Containers for Container Gardening

If you don’t know from where to start preparing for container gardening, continue reading this article. Here, we will review five of the best containers for container gardening available in the market right now. By picking the right containers and pots for plantation, you’ll take the first step towards setting up a stunning container garden.

1. Novelty Store Full Depth Round Cylinder Pot

Novelty Store has hit it out of the park with its gardening container. Its Full Depth Round Cylinder pot is up to 12 inches deep. This depth is good enough to ensure the optimal root growth of most gardening plants. It also features a built-in tray that collects water and protects decks, patios, and other indoor space.

best containers for container gardening

We also like this planting container due to its minimalistic shape and sleek finish. It is made of tough plastic and features in a jet black glossy finish. Its simple shape and color cut for a clean modern look.


  • Available in five different depths
  • Suits all sorts of aesthetics
  • Facilitates most plants’ growth


  • Some people may find their shape too basic

2. Bloem SP0526 Saturn Planter w/Saucer

If you want to turn your container garden into a funky space, consider buying this beautiful planting container by Bloem. This planter features a dynamic shape with two 360-degree stripes just below its neck. We like the variety that Bloem is offering with this container. You can order this container in eight different sizes and 19 different colors.

The other impressive bit about this container is its UV-stabilized plastic resin. This reinforcement ensures that the color of the pot doesn’t fade away even after years of use.


  • Matte finishing— dirt, and scratch-resistant
  • Exhibits excellent water retention and durability
  • A great bang for the buck


  • Might accumulate too much water for some plants

3. Classic Home and Garden 9408D-515 8″ Corinthian Planter

If you want to stick to classics and like to set up your container garden on the lines of Corinthian aesthetics, consider this trough container by Classic Home and Garden Store. The container is also available in round and bowl shapes and comes in six different depths.

It is made of stone dust reinforced by silicon and resins for better finish and durability. The container is also treated for UV exposure, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Comes with a drainage plug
  • Available in five stunning finishes
  • Great value for money


  • The drainage system could’ve been better

4. HOME NOTE Plastic Planter Flower Set of Five Containers

HOMENOTE lets you get all your gardening containers in one go with its set of five different pot sizes. The manufacturer has picked those five sizes to ensure you can easily grow small to medium-sized home and office plants. The containers are made of top-quality polypropylene that is sturdy than regular plastic.

We also like this container set for its matte white finish that perfectly complements minimalistic décor. The containers also come with matching plastic trays to prevent any mess on floors.


  • Made of eco-friendly plastic
  • Perfect for minimalist interiors
  • Fade and stain-proof


  • Only available in one color

5. Greenaholics Succulent Plant Pots

This container by Greenaholics is another minimalistic option. The pot comes in round shape and contains no patterns, grooves, and stripes on its exterior whatsoever. It’s all plain white finish with a touch of luster.

What is different in this container is its tray/saucer. Instead of offering tray in the same material and color, Greenaholics has given a beautiful bamboo tray with the pot. The wooden brown of bamboo makes a good combination with lustrous white.


  • Delicate shape yet sturdy enough
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Comes with a hole mash and bamboo tray


  • A bit heavy on the pocket

Things to Consider While Buying Containers for Container Gardening

Take these things into account while buying a container for your unconventional container-based garden.


There is no standard size for gardening containers. It is better if you pick containers of different sizes for your garden. While there is no maximum limit on the container size (it depends on the available space), make sure that it is not smaller than a 5×5” pot.


Plastic is the best material option for gardening pots. It keeps the container lightweight as well as impervious to stains and rust. Plastic can also sport different finishes and colors for a long time. It neither cracks like conventional clay pots nor puffs up like wooden containers. Plus, it keeps the cost of the container in check.


Gardening containers usually come in white and black colors due to the universal appeal and neutral profile of those shades. You’ll also find a lot of variety in black and white. So, try to pick either of these colors in gardening containers.


Make sure that the pot you pick features a couple of drain holes. It has been noticed that a single hole doesn’t offer the required drainage. Also, buy containers that come with complimentary trays and saucers, so no dirt or water gets to the patio, deck, or balcony.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope that the above reviews help you pick the best containers for container gardening. If we’re to make any suggestion, we’d recommend you should invest in Novelty Store’s planting container. It is simple and deep enough for all sorts of garden plants and comes at a reasonable price. You can also pick Bloem Planters for their variety of colors and sizes.

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