Best Fall Plants to Grow

There are still many plants that you can grow in the Fall that will brighten up your yard and garden and attract pollinators.

Some plants are looking tired and the last of the vegetables and fruit is ready to harvest, but there are still plants that will add color as others are fading.

Some of these have been growing all summer and others can now be planted that can deliver an explosion of color and texture.

Trees will be dropping their leaves with their final push of color before dropping to the ground to compost the ground beneath.

Fruit Plants

Blueberries are one of my favorite Fall and Winter plants to have in my garden not for their fruit but for the explosion of color they bring.

Pumpkin plants are dying off but leave behind a burst of color with their fruit, with a variety of colors from white to orange, green, and grey, or stripped with many textures from smooth to warted pumpkins.

Flowering Plants and Shrubs


This is a great Fall plant that comes in a variety of colors, from white to yellow, and orange as well as other colors and shapes.  These plants hold up to cooler weather and moisture and are a favorite to add Fall colors in pots and containers.

The other nice thing with Mums is they can be trimmed back and saved for the next year so that you do not have to buy them a 2nd time.

We have salvaged mums from other people who do not want them any longer at the end of the Fall season to overwinter them and have beautiful plants the next year.

Be sure to keep them watered and add a little mulch on top to protect them from the coldest winter temperatures.


This Summer and Fall flower is great in the garden since they will still be in full color until they die back with the first frost.  They are also great flowers to attract pollinators to your garden and come in many colors.  Be sure you collect the seeds from dry flower heads to grow your own next year.

Burning Bush

This plant is another great plant to have in your yard that will explode with deep red colors to add to your yard.

Plants with Berries

Beauty Bush

This bush has dark glossy purple berries covering it in the Fall that add great color to any garden.  Birds also enjoy the berries and attract them to your garden.

Now that you know the best Fall plants to grow for a burst of color before winter arrives you need to pick a few favorites to add to your garden.

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