Best Garden Baskets for Fruit and Vegetables

To make your gardening experience even better I have put together information on the Best Garden Baskets for Fruit and Vegetables, and where to find the best baskets for collecting your garden harvest.

There is nothing better than having a basket that represents who you are to collect your bounty of fruits and vegetables.  It is not only satisfying but also nice to have a basket that functions to meet your needs.

There are several styles of baskets that I will discuss.  From solid baskets to wire or woven baskets that will hold your harvest while you pick them.  Select a basket that will fit your needs and style while harvesting your bounty.

One basket does not fit all your needs for harvesting vegetables and herbs so have the correct one to meet your needs for harvesting root crops, leafy greens, herbs, plump tomatoes as well as pods like beans and peas.

For harvesting fruit, you may need several baskets as well for grapes and berries to heavier fruit like apples and pears.

Best Garden Baskets for Fruit and Vegetables

Solid baskets

Tierra Garden GP184 Colander Trug

This type of basket is good to use since you can rinse off the vegetables that have soil on them like onions, carrots, and potatoes so that the soil does not fall off in the house or stain a woven basket.

Wire baskets

Maine Garden Hod

A wire basket is very versatile to harvest your fruit and vegetables since you can harvest and rinse the vegetables off right in the basket.

Woven baskets

Fair Trade Ghana Bolga African Dye-Free Fully Shaped Market Basket 14-16

The woven baskets are usually the most colorful and beautiful baskets and are still very sturdy to hold a large harvest from your garden.  The only problem is they may be so nice that you will not want to get them dirty.

Berry baskets

One Quart Wooden Gift Baskets (10 Pack); for Picking Fruit or Arts, Crafts and Decor; 5.75” Square Vented Wood Boxes

To harvest your berries and keep them fresh and firm you need to have a basket that is smaller to keep them from getting squished.

Large Fruit baskets/tubs

Tubtrugs SP35P Flexible Purple Large Shallow 35 Liter/9.2 Gallon Capacity

When harvesting larger fruit like apples, pears, and even larger vegetables like squash this is a great way to harvest them and support their weight.

Now that you have the Best Garden Baskets for Fruit and Vegetables to collect your harvest you can get started harvesting in style.

Happy Harvesting from the Urban Gardener

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