Best Gardening Gifts

If you have a person who is a gardener or someone looking to be a first-time gardener we have put together a great list of gifts on any budget.

There is nothing better than getting a thoughtful gift that will bring your avid gardener great joy.

The gifts I am listing are ones I have used and tested to make sure they provide your gardener a quality product.

These are the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys gardening.

Best Gardening Gifts that any Gardener Would Love to Receive

Essential Tools

Handtools are an essential gift for any gardener.

Fisher Blacksmithing handtools are my top choice even though they are more expensive, they are made to last a lifetime and possibly will be left to the next generation of gardeners.

These tools are not only forged to make them strong they are a work of art that looks amazing, Tuli Fisher uses Blacksmithing skills to forge these using the highest quality products from Black Walnut handles, Leather straps, and Forged Steel in Montana.

These tools are made to withstand any type of soil from fertile soil to some of the toughest clay and rock-ridden soils you work in.

Seed Storage Containers

If you are serious about gardening and saving seeds from the plants you grow or just need to keep all of your unused seeds in one place safe and secure this is the way to go.

These boxes have the capacity to store 16 separate containers in each box which will keep them dry and safe in one place.

If you have a gardener to buy a gift for this is an essential gift that they will love.  Most gardeners have seeds in all kinds of storage containers or even just stuffed in drawers or boxes that are not easy to organize.

Not only are these a great way to store seeds it is also one of the least expensive storage systems you will find.


Companion Planting for Beginners by Brian Lowell

This book is one of the best and most comprehensive gardening books that covers more than just companion plantings, with detailed information to help all levels of gardeners.

I recommend having it with you in the garden as you plant your vegetable gardens to plant all of those companion flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

I carry this book with me in the garden as well as when I am planning my garden design to help me with all my companion plantings.

Your gardening friends will love this gift.

Seed Catalogs

What better way to enjoy those cold winter days than browsing catalogs from some of the top seed and plant providers across the country?

You can order them online to have them delivered to you or directly to the recipient for little or no cost.

Any plant lover would love to get these catalogs to browse during those cold winter days.

Here are some of my favorite Catalogs that I request each year.    Rare seeds is Baker Creek Seed Company  Botanical Seeds Catalog

Now that you have some ideas for great gift ideas for your gardener in your family, and your friends get out and get shopping.

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