Best Gardening Tools for Toddlers

Sometimes, the simple toys help please your kids more than anything. Playing in the garden has been a fun pastime for kids for centuries and generations. Digging dirt, plucking in seeds and watching the first signs of bloom can endlessly fascinate our little ones. Besides just the enjoyment of the process, teaching your kids how to take care of the landscape can impart the right abilities on to them at a very young age. Regular outdoor playtime activities promote great physical and mental development, allowing kids to be as close as possible to nature.

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The 5 Best Gardening Tools for Toddlers

While parents do want their kids to pick up healthy activities, they are often at a loss of options when it comes to buying tools and gardening sets for their toddlers. In this article, we summarize your options and review 5 of the best gardening tools for toddlers.

Hand tools do not need to be expensive to work for very young children so you can find tools that are made with less expensive products and not forged for added strength.

1. Liberty Imports Garden Wagon and Tools Set

This garden tool set by Liberty Imports includes all the necessary tools that kids require to learn the craft of gardening and have a fun time. All pieces inside this set are made of colorful plastic free of any harmful chemicals or BPA. The materials used are ASTM and CPSC certified. Kids aged 4 and above can use these tools to play in the garden.

Children playing with tools in the garden

These tools can dig through loose soil, but aren’t meant to be used for actual hard soil gardening. These toys also come in handy for playing in sand and snow so you can keep the fun going across the year.


  • Complete kit with 16 tools
  • Cool wagon for transportation and storage
  • Items made of safe plastic
  • Great for playing in sand and snow


  • Tools aren’t the strongest

2. ROCA Home Pink Gardening Tools

These ROCA Home Pink Gardening Tools include real gardening tools that are safe for kids aged three and above to play with. The tools include a spade, a hand rake, a watering can and a hand shovel. All of these tools easily fit inside a pink and purple gardening bag, which your little one can carry around in the garden.

Gardening tools by ROCA come with easy-to-hold handle grips and have non-sharp edges. The tools also come with a detailed guide to teach kids just how they should approach the process.


  • Safe gardening tools
  • Full activity book
  • Colorful pink and purple


  • Variety is limited

3. G&F Products Kids Garden Tools Set

This G&F Products Kids Garden Tools Set is meant to help kids aged 4 and above learn the art of gardening. This garden set features an eight-inch shovel, an eight and a half inch trowel and a six-inch hand rake. All three tools in this set are well rounded with non-sharp edges and a sturdy, wooden handle.

The set also comes with a tote bag to help you carry the bag around with you at all times. The bag comes with durable fabric and a multi-colored design.


  • Safe for kids
  • Wooden handle adds durability
  • Colorful bag for storage
  • Includes three important tools


  • Tools might be too small for kids over seven

4. Toyrifik Little Gardener Tool Set

This Toyrifik Little Gardener Tool Set is an all-in-one tool kit, which teaches the importance of gardening as well as proper tool usage. The tool set includes a rake, a watering can, a shovel and a fork. The equipment easily fits inside a lightweight tote bag that comes along with the product.

The tools in this set are kid-friendly, and you don’t have to worry about any injuries from the tools. Additionally, the tools are easy to hold and grip for children.


  • Four important kid-friendly gardening tools
  • Durable tote bag
  • Designed for easy carry


  • Not safe for younger kids

5. Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Gardening Tote

This Sunny Patch Gardening Tote comes straight from the beloved children’s toy maker, Melissa and Doug. This product is just as high quality as some of the other tools and toys manufactured by these toymakers. While these toys aren’t suited for actual gardening, they will give your kids an enjoyable time digging around the dirt and playing pretend.

This set also comes with a vibrant and colorful tote big, which can easily hold all the tools in one place. The durable tote bag is also easy for kids to carry around with them.


  • The quality of Melissa and Doug Craftsmanship
  • Colorful, durable canvas tote bag
  • Includes spray bottle, spade and small rake


  • Plastic tools for play and pretend only

What to Look for When Buying the Best Gardening Tools for Toddlers?

There are certain things that parents should look out for when buying the best gardening tools for their little ones. These things include:

The Tools in the Set

A few garden tool sets come with only 3 tools in them, while others come with even 15 or 20 tools. Obviously, the price of the set can vary based on the number of tools in the set.


The tools you buy for your kids should be safe to play with. Safety can be checked by physically examining the toys, their edges and their handles. A tool with sharp edges should be avoided at all costs. Go for a tool with smooth, well-rounded edges and easy to hold handles.


There is a wide range of gardening tools available for toddlers. However, you should look to buy one that goes with your budget. Do consider the price of the tool or tool set before finalizing the purchase.

Our Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen some of the best gardening tools for toddlers, you can make a more informed purchase. Any of these sets will be great for your kids or grandkids, it just depends on what they like.

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