Best Grow Lights for Indoor Gardening

Growing plants and flowers is generally quite tricky when you are doing it outdoors. You have to make sure you have the right soil balance, get the right amount of water in, and protect them from harsh conditions. Many growers have started gardening indoors because they can control the conditions inside.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

While indoor gardening is quite convenient when it comes to protecting your plants from harsh conditions, it comes with its own set of challenges. You need to set everything up. One of the most crucial parts of your indoor setup has to be the lighting. Grow lights provide the same energy to indoor plants that the sun brings them outdoors. Without it, they cannot go through the process of photosynthesis.

The 5 Best Grow Lights for Indoor Gardening

Here are the best grow lights for indoor gardening that you should consider.

1. LED Full Spectrum Grow Light by Roleadro

The LED Full Spectrum Grow Light by Roleadro is an excellent grow light to consider. Its full-spectrum capacity means you can use it at any stage of growth for your plants, so you don’t have to spend money on different setups throughout growing your indoor garden.

Indoor grow light

It has a low heat output that makes it easier for you to maintain ideal temperatures for your more delicate indoor plants. The LED panel consists of various lights that help you create a balanced setup, which diffuses evenly over plants.


  • Full-spectrum LED panel setup
  • Energy-efficient indoor grow light
  • Useful for various stages of plant growth


  • External power supply of panel can get hot

2. LED Grow Light by CFGROW

The LED Grow Light by CFGROW is perfect if you are on a tight budget, and you just need a grow light for a single plant instead of a garden. The highly affordable light still covers the light spectrum necessary for healthy indoor plant growth, making it ideal for growing indoor plants where you have limited space.

It is also a flexible light that comes with a clip. It means you can hang it anywhere and turn the head to provide light to your plant without worrying about placement too much.


  • Flexible light setup
  • Highly affordable pick


  • Only useful for smaller plants

3. Dual Full LED Plant Grow Tube Light by Feit Electric

If you are looking for a hanging grow light, the Dual Full LED Plant Grow Tube Light by Feit Electric could be an ideal option to consider. This is a full spectrum LED setup that resembles a tube light but offers you the convenience and energy efficiency of LEDs.

It has a hanging setup that makes it convenient for you to set up if you have a large indoor space with plenty of plants that need light. It is a linkable product that you can connect with several other units to grow your light coverage.


  • Linkable setup lets you expand the coverage area
  • Connects with up to eight more units


  • Can be too bulky if you have limited indoor space

4. LED Grow Light Bulb by Haus Bright

If you’re searching for an indoor grow light to install on a regular light fixture in a room, the LED Grow Light Bulb by Haus Bright is an affordable and adaptable option. It is compatible with any fixture that has an E27 screw base and is more energy efficient than most other grow lights.

The light works well for energizing plants through 150 LEDs on its head. Using several of these can provide you with significant coverage without driving up your energy bill.


  • Affordable full-spectrum indoor grow light
  • Compatible with standard E27 screw base light fixtures


  • It is only 100W comparable to incandescent lights

5. Full Spectrum 1200W Indoor Grow Light by Phlizon

If you are looking to go all-out for grow lights to enjoy a thriving indoor garden, the Full Spectrum 1200W Indoor Grow Light by Phlizon is a pricey but excellent option that you can consider. It is a versatile grow light that lets you adjust its spectrum depending on your needs through different stages of your plants’ growth.

It produces little heat output that makes it easier to maintain temperatures for a healthy indoor garden. Additionally, the versatile product also comes with a thermometer and humidity sensor that shows you the conditions of your indoor garden. If your plants require maintaining certain conditions, the Phlizon product will always keep you aware of the conditions.


  • Versatile setup
  • Produces little to no heat
  • Adjustable spectrum


  • Quite expensive

Features to Consider when Buying the Best Grow Lights for Indoor Gardening

As you can see, the best grow lights for indoor gardening come in different shapes and sizes. However, they can all offer you plenty of convenience. If you’re having trouble deciding which one you should choose, consider these features you need to look for.

The Size

With an indoor gardening setup, the size matters. When you are deciding the size of your ideal grow light, you need to think about how many plants it will cover. If you are planning to move the light from one indoor space to another, you might need a lightweight setup. If you are planning to stay put, its portability doesn’t matter. Also, you should consider the space where you’re keeping it before you decide the size of the grow light.

The Type

There are different types of grow lights that range from panels to lights that can screw into standard light fixtures. Consider the type of plant you have, the amount of natural light existing in that space, and your plants location to determine which type of light you should get.


There is no point in investing money in something that will be too complicated for you to use. From the aspect of installing the grow light to operating it properly, some grow lights will make you work harder than others. Consider the noise it makes, its maintenance, and how easy to use the grow light is before you pick one.

Our Final Thoughts

Getting the right setup is crucial for an indoor garden that can thrive and the grow lights you use can make all the difference. The ideal grow light can differ for you depending on the area you are growing and the kind of space you have for your indoor garden. We’ve tried our best to include various types of lights that can go well with different requirements.

Our top pick is the LED Full Spectrum Grow Light by Roleadro because it is a well-rounded system. However, the LED Grow Light by CFGROW makes a better budget pick. If budget weren’t a problem, we would choose the Full Spectrum 1200W Indoor Grow Light by Phlizon because it’s the most versatile setup, and it could be worth the upgrade if you have the money to spend.

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