Best Herbs to Grow in your Garden


Before I go into details about Best Herbs to Grow in your Garden, I want you to know if you are going to buy starts there is no better place to go than Trader Joe’s for your herb plants, not only are they organic and in great condition.  They also have fantastic prices, the small one was $2.49 and the large basil was $3.99.

You will need to harden these off before planting in your garden but they are great herbs and they have many others to choose from.

We will list some of the best herbs and how to grow the best herbs.

If you have not introduced fresh herbs in your garden you need to.  Not only do they add incredible flavors to your dishes but they are also healthy to eat and experiment with to introduce your family to new flavors and aromas by using fresh herbs.

Take a walk through a garden with fresh herbs growing in it and you will be amazed at the beauty and incredible scents that you will be introduced to.

They are easy to grow and reward you with a harvest in a very short period of time since they are also fast-growing.

Best Herbs to Grow in Your Garden


This is a great herb to grow in your garden for many reasons, it is very favorable to add into recipes or just add to chicken or fish when grilling.  The fragrance in the garden is very enjoyable and as you can see the flowers are just as wonderful.  The leaves and flowers are both edible.

You can grow rosemary in your garden beds, in planters, and also in pots, it is very to easy to grow.  For best results, you should plant in well-draining soil and in full sun, soil should be PH 6 to PH 7.  Rosemary is easy to start from cuttings by either putting in a cup of water until it roots or taking a cutting and dipping it into root starter and planting in potting soil.


I recommend everyone grow basil to mix in and around your tomato plants which improves the flavor of your tomatoes and when you go to harvest the tomatoes you have basil close by to pick and add to many recipes.  There are several varieties of basil to grow a few different varieties to find your favorites both for flavor and color.

Basil enjoys moist, well-draining soil with a moderate PH, they can grow in full sun to partial sun.  Basil is best started from seed or purchase plant starts.  Trader Joe’s has wonderful size plants that are inexpensive, I purchase several each year to be able to harvest early.


Lavender is one of my favorite herbs to have several plants in the garden not only for the fragrant and wonderful flowers but also because it is a great pollinator attractor for bees to pollinate your garden.  There are many varieties of lavender to chose from so pick one that matches your needs.

You can start lavender from seed, cuttings.  They are easy to grow and don’t need as much sun as other herbs, they actually prefer late afternoon shade.  Also unlike many herbs, they do not like fertile soil, as long as it is well-draining and slightly alkaline.


This is a very versatile herb to grow to use in salads and best of all to make dill pickles with your homegrown cucumbers.

Dill likes a well-draining fertile slightly acidic soil, I usually plant these throughout the garden and will plant several times during the season to make sure I have dill when cucumbers are ready to harvest for making pickles.


Mint is one of the easiest herbs to grow since it will grow just about anywhere.  I would recommend you plant in a pot since it will spread and you will end up with mint in areas you had not intended.  Mint enjoys moist, rich, organic soil that can grow in full sun or partial shade.  You can start mint from seed or cuttings, it will spread so remember to contain the plant.  We have potted mint and buried it in the garden so that we contain the mint from spreading.

This is a great herb to add to drinks for a burst of flavor like Mohitojos.

Mint is also a deterrent to rodents, by planting them around your garden in pots since they tend to spread if planted directly in the garden.


Cilantro needs a very rich organic soil that is well-draining and in full sun to shade in late afternoons to do best.  Cilantro is best started from seed or seedlings,  plant seeds in several plantings to provide cilantro throughout the season.  it is best to buy a variety that is less likely to bolt and continue to harvest the leaves and flower buds to reduce the chance of early bolting.

Cilantro is a very versatile herb that can be used in many dishes and salads, it’s not just for Mexican dishes.  I have added it to many salads, and egg dishes to enhance the flavor, you can easily top off a soup to enhance the flavor.

Planter box dedicated to herbs

If you have an area on your patio or near the kitchen I recommend planting all your favorite herbs to have available for use in your kitchen and when barbecuing.  They can add great flavors and colors to your favorite dishes you prepare for your family.  If you want to add some great color to your dedicated herb planter you can add sweet peas for a burst of color and an incredible fragrance.

You can start small with a smaller planter and use companion plantings of flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

Whatever you decide to do for the Best Herbs to Grow in your Garden pick your favorites and get started planting them in your garden now.

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