Best Pants for Gardening

If you’re a gardener or in the landscaping business, you might already know that the word ‘gear’ doesn’t just refer to mowers, pruning shears, rakes, or shovels. For people who are planning to ‘dig in the dirt’ as a profession or as a hobby, gardening workwear is equally important as your gear for the job.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

While most gardeners wouldn’t mind putting on a casual tee or a top, they would prefer to wear the best pants for gardening so they can take all the beating on the job. Gardening pants are supposed to be functional, durable, and comfortable. Also, landscapers and gardeners aren’t commonly trying to make a fashion statement with their pair of gardening pants, but even this could be possible if that’s what you’re looking for.

The 5 Best Pants for Gardening

Either way, we are about to introduce you to 5 handpicked products for our reviews of the best pants for gardening. You could also skip our reviews and scroll down to our buyer’s guide to learn more about how to make the best purchase decision.

1. LEE Men’s Dungarees Straight Leg Carpenter Jean

The LEE Men’s Dungarees Straight Leg Carpenter Jean are made from a mix of polyester and cotton, which also means that they are hardwearing, comfortable and breathable at the same time. Gardeners will also find that the YKK zipper in the front is very sturdy and the pants have an elastic back to make sure it is a perfect fit.

the Best Pants for Gardening

The material of these gardening pants is thick enough to protect its wearer from thorns or brambles. Additionally, these pants have a knee pad pocket that helps gardeners keep tools handy during their landscaping or indoor gardening projects.


  • Elastic back to ensure a comfortable fit
  • Made from a durable mix of polyester and cotton
  • Thick material to save gardeners from scrapes and bruises
  • YKK zipper makes slipping these pants on and off very easy
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Has enough pockets to keep essential gardening tools on you at all times


  • Pricier than its alternatives

2. Carhartt Men’s Loose Fit Carpenter Jean

The grey Carhartt Men’s Loose Fit Carpenter Jean are the 2nd best pants for gardening because they have compartments for knee pads, reinforced areas that protect it from wear and tear and plenty of pockets.

These gardening pants are made from durable and thick materials that include a combination of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. What’s more, these pants have 10 pockets of varying sizes so gardeners can store different fixings and tools while some pockets can also be zipped up to keep your valuables safe.


  • 10 pockets of varying sizes
  • Havecompartments for knee pads
  • Made with reinforced materials in certain areas to reduce wear and tear
  • Knee pads can be held in place with the help of Velcro fixings
  • 35% cotton and 65% polyester
  • Reinforced main zip


  • Available in only one color

3. Gooket Women’s Regular Fit Denim Dungarees Casual Long Denim Bib Overalls

Since the Gooket Women’s Regular Fit Denim Dungarees are designed as overalls, they are very comfortable and are designed with plenty of strategically placed packets. These pockets have been specifically designed to store strings, seeds, gardening tools, etc. You will also be surprised to find a detachable phone case along with these pockets.

This particular pair of gardening pants are made from 100% cotton and is very breathable, even in the hottest summer weeks. In addition, the length of these trousers is longer than the average pants making them perfect for petite and taller women. However, the adjustable braces on the side can make sure they fit perfectly every time.


  • Zipper front that makes slipping these overalls on and off very easy
  • Fashionable design
  • Perfect for petite and taller women
  • Adjustable braces on the size can loosen up or tighten the overalls
  • Removable pads and detachable phone case included
  • Perfect for summer gardening


  • Only sold for women and no unisex designs available

4. Dickies Everyday Men’s Work Trousers

The Dickies Everyday Men’s Work Trousers may seem like the traditional boot-cut pants because they are ideal for both work and leisure. These gardening pants have been designed with 3 zip pockets that can keep all your valuables safe.

The thing we love about these work trousers is the fact that they have been manufactured with 4% elastane and 96% polyamide. This means these work pants can easily shrug off moisture or water keeping you comfortable even during the dampest conditions.


  • Can be used for both – work and leisure
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Reinforced tape was added in some places for durability
  • Sold in a range of colors and sizes
  • Stretchable and breathable material
  • 3 zipper and strategically placed pockets


  • Not as breathable as cotton gardening pants

5. ZANZEA Women’s Bib Baggy Overalls

Finally, the ZANZEA Women’s Bib Baggy Overalls not only look great for casual clothing but also feel very light and comfortable for the wearer. The material used to manufacture these dungarees is a combination of viscose and cotton materials and they feature 2 pockets on the bib and 2 pockets on the side of the legs.

Since these overalls are meant to be baggy, it isn’t difficult for gardeners to find a perfect fit. Moreover, the simple tie-up design of each pair allows you to roll them up to your ankles or tighten fit around your hips.


  • Ideal for both, work and leisure
  • Sold in a variety of colors and designs
  • Manufactured with durable and lightweight fabrics
  • Easily adjustable design
  • Have4 pockets so gardeners can store their valuables
  • Feel light and comfortable during hot weather


  • Maybe a little too stylish for garden work

What to Look for When Buying Gardening Pants


Gardening and landscaping coveralls easily fit the description for functional, durable, and comfortable work pants. This is because of the fact that coveralls are easy to slip on or off since they can be worn over clothing to keep them clean. Additionally, coveralls are typically sold as unisex clothes that have a wide range of sizes from S to XL.

Gardening coveralls do not need to be fastened with a belt and have no bindings for loose-fitting pairs. You’ll find that it is easy to come across a wide variety of coveralls for men and women and none of these have been designed to tuck shirttails in. Some products may be insulated for winter whereas others feature other forms of durable blends and fabrics.

Gardening Overalls

These are yet another popular option among male and female gardeners and this is usually because of their functionality and comfortable fit. Again, overalls don’t need to be fastened with a belt and the shirttails ensure that your pants will never slip down. One significant difference between coveralls and overalls is that the latter is available in traditional hickory stripes, denim, and durable duck fabric.

Pockets for Gardening Accessories

Coveralls may easily be among the most functional pieces of clothing that gardeners can wear since some of them have a variety of zippers, loops, and pockets to keep their gardening essentials secure and handy.

On the other hand, bib overalls are known to have the most pockets as compared to any other piece of clothing known to man. These pieces of clothing feature pencil pockets, deep front pockets and pockets that have been specially designed for smaller tools and essentials. Some overalls may also have dedicated pockets for tool loops or rulers since all of them may come in handy during your gardening jobs.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether you’re planning on staying warm while gardening or wish to work with lightweight horticultural clothes this summer, our 5 best pants for gardening have you covered.

With any of these gardening pants, you can stay comfortable for long hours in the garden. Also, the multiple pockets and concealed zips on each pair of pants will ensure that your landscaping and gardening projects can be completed with your tools right beside you.

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