Best Reasons to have a Greenhouse

If you are considering building or having someone build you a greenhouse you have come to the right place to understand why it is important to make the decision to have your own greenhouse.

I built my own with no experience building a structure like this and found it to not be too difficult if you have the right tools.

Youtube videos and Google are great tools to help you with anything you do not know how to do in the construction of a greenhouse.

If you do not want to undertake this project you can have a premade one delivered or have someone build one.

I will explain more about my adventure to build a greenhouse later, but for now, here is why you should have your own greenhouse.

In this post, I will explain the best reasons to have a greenhouse.

Grow vegetables and fruit year-round to enjoy

When the weather is too cold outdoors you can still grow vegetables in your greenhouse to harvest year-round.  Some good choices are                  lettuce, Spinach, Herbs, Arugula, Kale, Carrots, and Beets if you have deep enough planters

Save money year-round by growing in your greenhouse

Depending on what part of the world you live in and the weather conditions you can usually grow vegetables and fruit in your greenhouse even though it is cold outdoors.  Lettuce and spinach are two of the easiest to grow as long as you have sunlight or a grow light.

Lemons, limes, and some oranges can be grown indoors under the right conditions.

Use a greenhouse to house sensitive plants

If you have sensitive plants that cannot survive in cool or cold temperatures a greenhouse is a must to overwinter plants.

You can also overwinter plants like peppers and eggplants in your greenhouse to jump-start them for next year.

Grow exotic plants in a temperature-controlled setting

If you love to grow orchids, birds of paradise, pineapples, or bananas you should have a greenhouse unless you live in the tropics.

Save money by growing your own plants from seeds and cuttings

If you love growing a garden yet do not enjoy the expense of buying plants every Spring, you can save a substantial amount of money by growing your vegetable and flower plants from either cuttings or seeds you have saved from last year’s harvest.

Most vegetable seeds can easily be collected and saved for the next year’s planting.  This year I have about 80% of my plants grown from my own seeds for flowers and vegetables.

Enjoy year-round gardening when the weather is bad outdoors

If you are like me and go stir-crazy every winter when it is cold and wet outdoors then a greenhouse is just for you.   By having a greenhouse there are always plenty of things to do.  From collecting seeds and organizing them to starting them during the long winter days to be ready to plant in the spring.

Make money by selling plants you grow in your greenhouse

If you want to earn a little side money a good way to do this is by growing additional plants from your seeds and cuttings to sell to neighbors and friends or by posting them on one of the many social media sites for free to sell them.

Improve your mental health by gardening year-round in your own greenhouse

It is proven that gardening helps to improve your mental health and when the weather is at its worst which can be depressing you can work in your greenhouse on projects and feel much better about yourself.

Experiment with plants that you might not have grown before

Go to a seed exchange in your town or reach out to friends and neighbors to exchange some seeds for ones you have not grown before but want to try.  If you can get a cutting from someone that has a special vegetable or flower that you like you can start your own.


Best Reasons to Have a Greenhouse

Now that you have many reasons that you should grow a greenhouse it is time for you to have a greenhouse built for you or even better build it yourself.  You will be able to grow more plants, reduce your cost for plants each year by growing them from seeds or cuttings, and have the satisfaction of having your own greenhouse.

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