Best Sands for Gardening

A healthy crop of leafy and bright greens sprouting in your backyard is not just inspiring, but also motivating. Not only does a bright and flowery garden add to the aesthetics, but it also gives a nutritious outdoor activity for your family to partake in. It is amazing for your little ones to see their hard work turn into ripe, red tomatoes and ruby red radishes with long and thin carrots.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

While domestic gardeners do buy bags of healthy soil to pour into their garden, they don’t put much thought into buying sand. Sand is a much-needed addition to your home garden, as it allows water to gather in pockets and be readily available when tired roots want moisture.

The 5 Best Sands for Gardening

In this article we look at and review the best sands for gardening. Go through these reviews and buy the best product to mix with the soil in your garden.

1. Mosser Lee ML1110 Desert Sand Soil Cover, 5 Pound

This Mosser Lee ML1110 Desert Sand Soil Cover comes in a package of 5 pounds and can really assist your gardening efforts. This sand package is ideal for domestic users as it comes in just the right quantity to scatter around your in-house garden. The sand is ideal for plants because it helps hold water and improve drainage significantly.

Digging up sand for gardening

The sand also works well with potted plants as it adds aesthetics and functionality to them. The sand will hold water for longer and ensures that the water is able to reach the plants appropriately. This sand works even better with rocks and succulents.


  • Perfect for scattering in your garden
  • Helps in the growth of plants and vegetables
  • Can be used in potted plants as well
  • Gives an attractive look
  • 5 pound package


  • Can be detrimental if used as a substitute to soil

2. Hoffman 14302 Western Desert Sand

The Hoffman 14302 Western Desert Sand is ideal for domestic plants and uses. The sand comes from the Western Desert and can also be used as a final touch on all container grown plans. The clean, washed silica sand can come in handy to formulate your own mixture of cactus soil. The good part about this sand is that it comes with pores to absorb water. This product comes in a packaging of 2 quarts.


  • Western desert sand
  • Decorative sand that can be used as a final touch on potted plans
  • Rock has pores, which can be useful for absorbing water
  • Product weighs 2 quarts


  • Not as ideal for elevated plant beds

3. Activa Decor, 5-Pound, White Sand

This Activa Decor, 5-Pound, White Sand is ideal for homeowners to work with. This sand is available in a rich variety of colors, which is why it serves a decorative purpose as well. The good thing about this sand is that it can also be used for sand art, sand painting, crafts, mosaics, floral arrangements, school projects and décor. Besides mixing the sand up with soil, you have plenty of other uses for it as well.


  • Can be used as a mixture for your soil
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Great for sand art and decorative purposes
  • Fully safe and non-toxic


  • Not as effective with potted plants

4. Landen Namaule Sand 5kg

This Landen Namaule Sand 5kg sand is ideal for aquarium plants and using as natural sand for landscaping in water. Homeowners just like planting plants inside their aquariums, and this sand can help you do so. It also has a natural color, which makes it perfect for aesthetics. You can also use this sand for gardening, albeit that isn’t its primary function. The product is natural and has a moderate PH level. The sand does not release any matter considered harmful for your plants.


  • Can assist in natural landscaping
  • Natural color and feel
  • Can be used for both real life plantations and aquarium plants


  • Better suited for water plants and not in-ground plants

5. Miracle-Gro Expand ‘n Gro Concentrated Planting Mix

This Miracle-Gro Expand ‘n Gro Concentrated Planting Mix is not just pure sand, but more of a mixture that also includes sand in it. This works as a great substitute for your garden soil or potting mix, and can be used for both, potted containers and in-ground plantation. The mixture expands once it is introduced to water. The expansion increases the size of the soil, saving you from constant refills. The soil contains sand in it and can grow up to 3x bigger plants than natural soil can.


  • A good alternative to garden soil
  • Delivers great results
  • Sand grows when exposed to water
  • Can hold up water well due to presence of sand in mixture


  • Is more of a soil alternative than sand alternative

What to Look for When Buying the Best Sand for Gardening?

Buying sand for your garden is no easy feat. Here we mention certain things you should consider before buying the right sand.

Color and Feel

The more natural the color and feel of your sand, the better it is. The color should be naturally light and the sand should look good while covering up your soil. Additionally, it should feel natural and not like a mixture.


Do check the purpose of the sand before you buy it. You don’t want to buy sand that isn’t suited for gardening. Multiple products online are marketed for artistic and playing purposes, make sure your sand is made for gardening.


Finally, do consider the price of the product and make sure that you don’t exceed your set budget.

Our Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen our choices for the best sands for gardening, you should be able to make a better purchase. Any of these sands are a good choice, just pick the right sand for your particular situation.

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