If you are going to have a good-sized area designated for your garden I would recommend you purchase a small tiller to take some of the work out of preparing your garden each year.  It will not only save you an enormous amount of time but it will save your back from the painstaking work of digging your garden bed by hand with a shovel.

Tillers also do a great job of loosening the soil to provide roots room to grow well and support plant growth.

When I talk about the time saved I want you to know that tilling an area as I have takes me a couple of hours whereas to hand turn this soil would take me several days and the soil would not be as good as if I tilled them.

Also if you have planted a cover crop tilling in the cover crop breaks the cover crop up much better getting the nutrients mixed in the soil better than if you hand-turned the soil.

Best Tillers and why

I have purchased this Honda 4-stroke tiller and am now in my second year of use.  The tiller started right up when I went to use it again.  I have two large plots that are over 300 square feet and the tiller did a great job.

This tiller is a 4-stroke engine so there is no mixing of oil and gas, just add gas and go.

It has lots of power to break through hard surface soil and break up clay soil to till your garden.

I would highly recommend this tiller for your home garden use.

Tillers Untested but Rank Well

These tillers are on recommended lists but I have not used them so I will leave it up to you to research.  I recommend 4-stroke engines since they do not require mixing gas and oil.

I am intrigued by the new battery-operated tillers since they would require no gas.

Recap on Best Tillers

Whichever tiller you chose to purchase do not limit yourself based on price, remember this is a purchase that will last you for many years with very little upkeep.  Base your decision on how you will use it and how large an area you will be tilling to save you time and reduce the physical work it takes to till a garden.

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