Best Tomato Crop Yield per Plant

I have compiled a list of the tomato that produce the largest crops for you to enjoy and the best way to get the Best Tomato Crop Yield per Plant.

For ease of use, I will break this down by the size of the tomato so that you can have a variety of sizes that produce the most crop by pound since tomatoes come in all sizes for you to eat.

Tomato plants typically yield 10-30 lbs per plant, but that can vary depending on many things such as weather, variety of tomatoes, growing technique, and soil conditions.

Heirloom tomatoes have some of the largest yields and still have an abundance of flavor to make these tomatoes a favorite to grow.

How to increase your tomato yield by getting the Best Tomato Crop Yield per Plant

Plants that have a longer harvest period usually will produce more tomatoes, pick the tomatoes that ripen as early as possible.

Determinate varieties that produce fruit all at one time can also help to give you a larger harvest.

Make sure your tomato plants have at least 8 hours of full sun to maximize the growth of the tomatoes.

Plant your tomato deep so that it produces a strong root system to support the plant.

Use a good COF (Complete Organic Fertilizer) and feed them several times during the growing season.

Water deeply once a week to reduce blossom end rot.

List of High-Yielding Tomatoes

Small Cherry Size Tomatoes


This is an indeterminate tomato that is about 1 inch in size but do not let the size fool you, it is one of the most flavorful tomatoes you will grow.  It is the color of the sun/yellow, orange sweet, and very juicy that is great for snacking on.  It has a maturity of 60-70 days but when it starts producing it is full speed ahead producing a large number of tomatoes all season long until frost arrives.

This is one of our favorite tomatoes that we grow and share with friends and family all summer long.

Prairie Fire

This is a semi-determinate tomato with a 60-70 day maturity.  I have chosen this tomato for its flavor which is very sweet and when eaten it will burst with juiciness.  The color is another great factor being deep red with golden stripes and elongated in shape about 2-3 inches long.  It produces a large yield all summer and has become my favorite right above the Sungold tomato for cherry-sized tomatoes.


This is a cherry size tomato 1 1/2 to 2 inches, deep red in color and very sweet and juicy.  It is an indeterminate variety that has 60-70 days to maturity.  This is a very prolific yielding tomato that produces fruit all season long.

Medium Size Tomato


This is an indeterminate tomato that is one of the earlier harvesting tomatoes which gives it a long season to produce a larger crop.  The size is about 2 inches around and has a maturity of 60-65 days.

Bloody Butcher

This is an indeterminate tomato that has an early maturity of 52-58 days.  It produces an abundance of 2-inch tomatoes in clusters.  It has been chosen for its early production and is long-lasting until frost.  Deep red in color and one of the juiciest tomatoes for its size.

Yellow Boy

This is an indeterminate tomato that has a maturity of 70+ days but when it comes on it produces a large number of tomatoes that are bright yellow and medium size of 3-4 inches.  The fruit is globe shape and full of flavor to enjoy until frost sets in.  Be sure to stake this tomato since it has so many fruits on each plant.


This is a semi-determinate tomato that matures in 65 days and produces a fruit that is 3-4 inches in size.  It is known for its dependable production and resistance to disease.  It has a great flavor and is full of the typical juicy tomato taste that everyone looks for in a tomato.  Be sure to add additional staking since this plant produces a large volume of fruits.

Larger Slicer Tomato


This tomato was developed in the Northwest for early maturity in cooler climates, with an average of 52-65 days to maturity.  This is a determinate variety that spreads out and produces a large yield.  The tomato has few seeds and is considered a meaty tomato that is typically 4-5 inches in size.

Big Beef

This is an indeterminate tomato with a longer maturity of 70+ days.  It produces a very large tomato 4-6 inches and is known for its great flavor and deep red color perfect for that burger or sandwich.  This tomato will need staking since the plant and tomatoes are so large.  This tomato is also resistant to disease.

Big Zach

This is an indeterminate tomato that is one of the largest Beefsteak varieties.  It has a very long maturity of 80 days but the plant produces a large number of huge tomatoes 5-7 inches across and full of flavor being slightly acidic yet sweet and juicy.  You will be amazed at the size of these tomatoes.  It is also resistant to disease but needs to have lots of room to spread out and must be staked to keep from falling over with all the fruit.

Ultimate Tomato Garden to get the Best Tomato Crop Yield per Plant

1 Sungold, 1 Prairie Fire, 1 Bloody Butcher, 1 Yellow Boy, 1 Big Beef, and 1 Big Zach.

If you were to grow these tomatoes in your garden this year you would be set with all the sizes, flavors, and an abundance of tomatoes to eat and share.

Now that you have your list of high-yielding tomatoes, get out and get started planting so that you can enjoy a huge bounty of tomatoes all season long.

Happy planting from the Urban Gardener!

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