Best Tomatoes to Grow

I will be detailing each variety of tomatoes and types of tomatoes that I have as my favorite to grow and why I grow them, whether that be for top producer, flavor, color, texture, size, presentation, or any other contributing factor. I have been growing tomatoes for decades and each year try new varieties to find the best tomatoes to grow.

See my link to the Best Tomatoes of 2022 that I grew and recommend based on growing tomatoes in 2022.

I will review both determinate tomatoes and indeterminate varieties of tomatoes for you to select from to grow in your garden beds.  These tomatoes have all been shown to have good disease resistance.

There is nothing better than a homegrown tomato and these are some of the best for you to grow.

The Best Tomato Plants to Grow and Eat

Last year I grew 24 tomatoes with 10 different varieties, some of these now have been included in my favorites this year.

Fresh tomatoes have a flavor that cannot be matched by store-bought tomatoes.

Here is a picture of the first Sungold tomato harvest of 2022

best tomatoes to grow

Big Beef, Bloody Butcher, Sungold, Prairie Fire, and Gladiator Tomatoes.

Best Small cherry tomato varieties

These tomatoes are snacking size approximately the size of a quarter, with shorter harvest times, and full of flavor. They are usually heavy producers so 1-2 plants will feed a family of 3-6 people.


This is at the top of my list of favorites for sweet cherry tomatoes, this is also a very popular variety known for its sweet flavorful tomato taste as a flavorful fruit that explodes that great tomato taste.

The Sungold is one of the most productive plants for cherry-sized tomatoes you will grow producing tomatoes all summer long.

This is a deep yellow-gold or orange cherry tomato fruit color thus its name Sungold. This tomato is a heavy-yielding plant that produces early in the season and continues until frost in the late fall (I had Sungolds that I was picking in November this year in Oregon).

Sungold tomatoes are an indeterminate, hybrid variety with very few disease issues and grow in large clusters producing a heavy crop. I have chosen it for its great flavor and high yield all summer to snack on right off the vine or to add in salads of all varieties. Be sure you have lots of room for this plant since its growth habit has a large structure reaching easily 6 feet wide and tall.  This is also a great tomato for children to grow and eat. Very Best small tomato

Prairie Fire

This is a new tomato to my favorite list. Last year was my first year to grow this variety and it was a winner with everyone in my family, it may move to the top of my list of small tomatoes after another year of testing.

This is an elongated small tomato shaped like a grape that is red with yellow/orange stripes. It is also a heavy producer that produces tomatoes early and throughout the summer and early fall. I have chosen this tomato to add to my favorites for its outstanding flavor which is super sweet flavor, juicy tomato, and its great visual appeal. It can be eaten right out of the garden or as a salad tomato of all varieties. This is a great tomato for children to grow and eat.


These are an intermediate variety type of tomato, there are many different Cherry variety types. These tomatoes can vary in size from very small up to 1 1/2″. The common theme with all of these is red in color very sweet in flavor and high-yielding tomatoes. They are early and will produce until late fall when the first frost hits. These tomatoes are great to snack on right out of the garden or to add to a salad. Kids love them as well and are easy for them to grow. Very good tomato

Best Intermediate-size tomatoes

These tomatoes are between the cherry size tomatoes and the larger tomato varieties 2-2 1/2″ that usually produce fruit in a shorter period of time making it a favorite of most gardeners. They are similar to the cherry type in that they have clusters of tomatoes with lots of flavors.

Bloody Butcher

This is one of my favorites for its size, flavor and is one of the earliest for harvesting. This is a great tomato to have early in the year with only 55 days to maturity, and the flavor and its juicy characteristics cannot be beaten for an intermediate-size tomato. It is an intermediate variety that has clusters of tomatoes similar to a cherry type of cluster. This tomato usually is a high-yielding tomato in early summer and again in late summer, I usually will plant a second plant about 3 weeks after the 1st one to keep them producing in mid-summer. It is also an easy one to grow for getting children started and since it produces fruit in 55-60 days they can be rewarded for their efforts earlier than other larger tomatoes. Very Best Intermediate-size tomato

Yellow Boy

These tomatoes are an heirloom variety a little larger than bloody butcher around 6 oz or 2-4″ but I have categorized them in the same group as the bloody butcher tomato. They are a deep yellow variety in color very flavorful, juicy but not acidic, and have a meaty flesh. They need 70 days to mature to harvest and are high-yielding plants that will produce all summer and early fall. I have enjoyed these tomatoes not only for their outstanding yellow color but also for their flavor and constant production. Very Best Intermediate-size tomato

Best Large slicing tomato


The two top tomatoes are Big Zach tomatoes which are very large and the bottom row is my largest Pineapple tomato or for that matter largest tomato I have ever grown. You can see a size comparison between a large Cosmic Apple and the two largest Big Zach tomatoes.

This Pineapple Tomato is nearly 6 inches across and nearly 3 inches tall and has been one of my best-tasting tomatoes I have grown

This is not only my favorite tomato for flavor but also in appearance. It is a larger tomato 3-5″ that can weigh over 2lbs, the flavor is very sweet and tangy but not acidic and its coloring is yellow-orange with stripes of red, when you slice it the appearance is that of pineapple with red-orange streaks bursting out from the center of the tomato and it has a meaty texture. This tomato takes 75-90 days to reach maturity for harvesting but is worth the wait. I have found them to not be a high-producing plant so I will usually plant several of them to to be well-stocked. Very Best Large Slicing tomato


This is a semi-determinate hybrid tomato that is disease-resistant. I have selected this tomato for its high-producing plant throughout the season which gives you a juicy medium size slicer that will keep you well-supplied throughout the summer. Typically they say 60-70 days to maturity but I find in the Northwest it is 70-80 days. this is a tomato that reaches 3-4″ and is full of flavor.

This tomato has a compact plant structure and is a determinate tomato that is one of the great tomatoes for sauces since it produces a large crop all at one time.

My Celebrity Tomato had over 70 tomatoes on the plant at the beginning of August, and it is still setting on more tomatoes.

Best large slicer tomato


Siletz is one of the earliest slicers available with 55-65 days to maturity. This is a determinate tomato that is full of flavor and is 2-4″ so it is great for the first BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich) of the season. This tomato is a good tomato that is disease resistant and high producer that will produce throughout the summer. Best large slicer tomato


This is an indeterminate hybrid that has been cross-bred between a Brandywine and Costoluto Genovese tomato, producing a delicious squatty tomato that is mature earlier than either parent. I added this tomato to my list this year after growing it for the first time last year, it produced a large number of tomatoes throughout the summer. Very good slicer tomato

Very Best giant tomatoes

Big Zach

I grew this tomato for the first time last year and absolutely loved it for its huge tomato size, high production, and amazing flavor. I was skeptical about the size they professed but it actually produced tomatoes 3-5 pounds each and was full of flavor. The plant is huge, my plants have been 6 feet tall so you will need to provide a large cage to support it since it produces a very high volume of fruit. The only negative comment I had for this fruit is they tend to crack if it rains very heavily. Very best giant tomato

Big Beef

This is a great beefsteak tomato variety indeterminate disease resistant and is a very high-yielding tomato. Not only is this a large to giant size tomato but also very juicy, sweet, and flavorful. You will need a large and strong tomato cage to support the large plant and the high volume of tomatoes it produces throughout the summer. This is another great tomato for making a BLT. Very best giant tomato

New test tomatoes that I will provide feedback on

Black Krim

Kellogg Breakfast


Other new purple tomato varieties

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