Best Way to Propagate Plants

Propagating Jungle Mug

For those of you who like to propagate plants to expand your garden or share plants with others, I have the best way to propagate plants in a great-looking container.

The tool I recommend is the 30 oz. Jungle Mug is made of stainless steel and powder-coated, to last you a lifetime and it will still look attractive with its sleek construction and beautifully designed logo.

If you are like me and enjoy cutting flowers and vegetables to grow plants, this is the tool to help you propagate them easily.

This is the Jungle Mug Propagating Mug that not only looks great but also is made to last using stainless steel construction with a white powder-coated paint on the outside for durability.

The lid has multiple holes to allow you to propagate up to 8 plants at one time and an easy-fill lid opening to eliminate spillage.

This propagation mug is attractive so that you can place it on your window sill for a beautiful look that will catch your friends and family’s attention.

The Jungle Mug logo and the mug were designed by my son and I am very happy to help you get started propagating plants for your garden.

For details on how to propagate plants, you can click this link to show you how easy it is to propagate plants.

In this photo, I have propagated cuttings of Basil, Salvia, and Sedum.

I hope you find this mug as the best way to propagate your cuttings and is much more attractive than a jar of water on your window sill, and easy to clean once the job is done.

I hope you find this Propagating Mug to be a great gift for yourself or someone else you know who loves to garden.

Right Now I am only selling these mugs locally in Eugene OR., in the future once I determine shipping costs I will open up to sell and ship them.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these beautiful Jungle Mugs for propagating you can email me at

The price is $14.50 and comes in an attractive Jungle Mug box.

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