Best Winter & Spring Flowering Plants, Shrubs and Bulbs

Plants, Shrubs, and Bulbs are great to add to your garden, especially to give you a burst of color and fragrance in late winter and early spring before most vegetables can be planted.

Here is a list of some favorites to brighten up your garden and add a pop of wonderful fragrances in the Winter and Spring.


Bulbs can be planted in the Fall or Winter to come up and bloom in early spring when the weather is just beginning to change and warm-up sometimes even before it warms up.


Daffodils are one of the first signs that Spring is right around the corner.  They are easily planted in the Fall or early-Winter for a Spring explosion of color and now some even have an extraordinary fragrance.  Plant the bulbs 2-4″ deep in the sun or partial sun for best results.  They will multiply over time to expand your coverage.


Tulips should be planted in the Fall for flowers to burst through in the winter.  They should be planted 4-6 ” deep and soil should be worked to allow the plant to be protected from frost and to be able to grow well.  Tulips like all bulbs should be planted with the pointed end up.  Apply bonemeal and compost yearly to get good flower production.


Plant crocus in clusters 3-4″ deep for best displays of color in well-draining soil in sun or partial sun.


They come in many colors from white to purple and pinks, they are one of the most fragrant bulbs you can grow.  They prefer full sun and are great border plants to have in your flower beds.

Plants & Shrubs


This is an evergreen plant that maintains its deep green glossy leaves through the winter and has very fragrant white flowers in the spring.  It prefers a shady area but can take the partial sun.  The plant is usually 1-3 feet tall and spreads to about 2-4 feet wide, this is a great plant to have near the patio or front door for its lush green leaves and great fragrance in winter.  It also produces a small black berry that birds love to eat.


This is another great evergreen plant that has green and white variegated leaves and very fragrant white and pink flowers in the winter.  This is a great plant to have near the patio or front door for its fragrance.  One thing to consider is a protected area since they are sensitive to very cold temperatures.  Daphne grows to 2-3 feet tall and spread 3-5 feet wide.  This is a plant that does not like lots of sun, especially afternoon sun that can burn the leaves, plant in a shaded area.


This flower is known for its great blue color and ability to spread easily by self-seeding.  It can take full sun to shade and needs very little care to do well.  The biggest issue with this plant is keeping it contained in the area you want it to stay in.


This is a great border plant to have in your garden that has many colors and blooms from winter to early summer.  Primrose does best in full sun but can take partial shade as well, you can grow them from seeds, and cuttings, and can be purchased in most garden centers.


This is a deciduous shrub that is known for its abundant bright yellow flowers in the Spring that takes little maintenance and grow upright.  Plant in full sun but can take partial shade, it is very fast growing with the growth of 2-4 feet a year.  My shrub grew to the size of the small tree so be prepared to prune on a regular basis.  Bees, and Butterflies love the forsythia.


This is a shrub that can grow as large as a tree so they need lots of room to spread out.  They need to be planted in full sun or in an area with slight shade.  They are known for their lush green leaves and wonderful fragrant large flowers that come in many colors.  The plants need moist well-draining soil with organic matter applied yearly, Gardenia shrubs are one of the more difficult ones to grow.  They prefer a dry climate since the flowers in Spring can easily be damaged by rain.  Your extra efforts will reap huge rewards with a beautiful plant with incredible flowers.

Final Thoughts Best Winter & Spring Flowering Plants, Shrubs and Bulbs

Whichever one of these plants, bulbs, or shrubs you decide to grow get one or several to add to your yard and you will not regret it.  Winter is usually dark and colorless, by adding these plants into your yard it will add color and fragrances that will brighten up your day as well as your neighbors.  If you have others that you would recommend email me so that I can add them to the list for others to enjoy.  Happy Gardening!

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