Best Wreaths using Grape Vines

Best Wreaths using Grape Vines

When you are trimming your grape vines you should save the vines you pruned to make the best wreaths for any time of the season.  Not only will these vines make great wreaths but it also reduces the waste that you have to dispose of.

The best time to prune your grapes is after a cold spell that has caused the grape leaves to drop off for the winter and when the grape goes into a dormant stage.

Be sure to use sharp clippers that have been cleaned to make sure the cuts are clean and that you are not spreading any diseases from other cuttings you have made.

Set aside the vines you prune to make your wreaths.  You can use different lengths of vines so it is good to save everything you prune to see which ones you will use.

After pruning the branches you may need to place them in a bucket of warm to hot water to make them more pliable to bend into a circle.  Depending on the size of the vines and thickness you may need to soak them for up to an hour before bending them into shape.

Once you have bent the vines into the shape of the wreath you want to continue to bend the vines wrapping them as you build the wreath.  You may not need any wire to fasten the grape vines but if you do wrap them around several vines to secure them.

Once you have all the grape vines in place you can add whatever type of cones, leaves, bows, or other items to bring your wreath to life.

These wreaths will last for years and if you want to have just one wreath that you interchange the other items depending on the look you want you can do that as well.

Wreaths are great housewarming gifts or just a special handmade gift to give family or friends with little cost to you but looks like you have spent a lot.

If you want to make a wreath using dried herbs such as rosemary and lavender they will not only look great but will add a fantastic fragrance to your entry area.

As you go on walks in your neighborhood or take a hike in the forest you can collect items that you can dry and use for your wreath-building projects now that you have your grape vine wreaths.

Best tools for your wreath-building project

Pruning clippers and needle nose plyers are the only tools you will need for cutting the grape vines and making your wreaths.

Now that you have all the information for making the Best Wreaths using Grape Vines it is time for you to get started making your own.

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