Garden Grown Tomatoes Taste Better

Garden Grown Tomatoes Taste Better than any store-bought tomatoes you can purchase, in this post we will explain why.

There are several reasons for tomatoes grown in your own garden taste better than store-bought tomatoes.

Tomatoes that you buy in the store are picked early before they are completely ripe so that they can last while they are being shipped and allow the tomatoes to have several days or weeks of shelf life.

Tomatoes in the store are produced to last for 3-7 days of shipping time and for a shelf life of the same so you are looking at harvesting a tomato 1-2 weeks before it reaches its peak of perfection for flavor.  This alone is a good reason to grow tomatoes in your garden.

When you pick the tomatoes fresh from your garden they are ripe and ready to eat, loaded with flavor.

Growing tomatoes in your garden is so satisfying and you are rewarded with a great-tasting tomato.

We will go into more detail explaining why home garden-grown tomatoes taste better.


Tomatoes bought in the store are harvested prior to their peak so that they can be shipped to the stores which can take several days up to a week, on top of that they want to have the longest shelf life possible to see the tomatoes before they began to deteriorate and rot.

When you harvest tomatoes from your garden they are usually harvested at their peak of perfection for the flavor to be eaten right away.

Tomatoes allowed to ripen fully on the vine allow sugars and acid to enhance the flavor to provide the best-tasting fruit.


Tomatoes grown for sale in the stores are produced based on the days they will stay good while being transported to the stores and to have the longest shelf life and not for flavor.  That is the reason for store-bought tomatoes tasting like cardboard, while homegrown tomatoes taste so much better.

When you grow your own tomatoes you can select the variety that has the flavor you prefer, tomatoes have so many varieties that have flavors from sweet to spicy, mild and low acid to tangy.  When you buy store-bought tomatoes you have very few options to choose from.


This is a cherry-sized tomato that has a beautiful yellow/orange color and is full of flavor, exploding when bitten into.  The plant produces tons of tomatoes all Summer and into early Fall.

Prairie Fire


This tomato is between the size of a cherry tomato and a salad tomato that is about 2 inches long, it is red with orange-yellow flame stripes running down the tomato.  It is one of the most flavorful tomatoes you can find with a great blend of sweetness and acidity.

The plant will produce loads of tomatoes mid-season until the first rains or frost occurs.


This has become an all-time favorite of me and my family for being a large slicer.  It is known for its great sweet flavor with less acidity, and incredible color blending of yellow, orange, and red.  When sliced it looks like a burst of colors similar to the shape of a slice of pineapple.

This tomato can reach to be 1-2 lbs.

Organic vs Chemically Grown

Tomatoes grown for sale in stores are known to be one of the most chemically treated vegetables and fruits for sale.  These are sprayed to increase the shelf life and hold their firmness.  Unfortunately, some of these chemicals can cause cancer and other health-related issues.

When you grow tomatoes in your home garden you can effectively grow them with organic fertilizers that actually will enhance the flavors and you will use fertilizers that provide the nutrients that will help the tomatoes plants grow the largest and produce loads of tomatoes that you know are good for you and your family to eat.

Garden Grown Tomatoes enhance the flavor of your recipes

When you use the tomatoes from your garden in your recipes you will notice how much better they taste vs a store-bought tomato.

You can match the flavor of the tomato with the recipe to bring out the flavors you want.

Recap Why Garden-Grown Tomatoes Taste Better

  • Varieties you grow are grown for flavor
  • Harvested fresh with no shipping or shelf life needed
  • Grown with organic healthy fertilizers that are safe to eat
  • Satisfaction of eating something you grew always tastes better
  • Garden tomatoes taste better in recipes you make

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