Garden Tasks for August

You are now in the heat of summer and with it, your garden tasks for August will keep you very busy as you harvest and protect your garden from the extreme heat.

List of Garden Tasks for August

Be sure to walk through your garden daily, preferably in the morning to see what needs to be addressed since the summer heat brings many things for you to do from harvesting to protecting plants from summer heat, and pests.

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch if you need to apply another coat of mulch to protect your plants from the heat now is a great time to apply a second coat.

Stay on your watering schedule and adjust as needed for the higher temperatures.  Monitor your soil by sticking your finger in a couple of inches to see if you find moisture in the soil.

Harvest each day to keep the plants producing and be sure to harvest in the morning.

Record in your garden notebook what you are seeing in your garden to help you with the next year’s garden.  Crops you like and those you don’t, how much you planted, and what your use was of that crop.  How you addressed issues that came up.

Succession planting schedule to keep growing into the Fall.

What plants are done producing to be removed for another crop to be planted?


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