Garden Tool Cleaning and Blade Replacement

Wintertime is a great time to clean and repair your garden tools.

In this post, we will break down one of my favorite tools to take apart to clean and replace the blades on my Kirkland/Felco look-alike clippers.

My pruners are Kirkland pruners which as far as I can tell are almost identical to the Felco pruners.

Tools needed to take the Kirkland/Felco look-alike pruners apart.

Rachet and socket

Steel Brush



oil to lubricate new parts

Do not try to remove the screws with a screwdriver, they are locked in too tight to remove with a screwdriver instead use a rachet and socket to make the job more manageable.

Be sure you save the old blades since they can be cleaned and sharpened to use again.

Here are the instructions for removing the blades from Kirkland, these can be substituted for the Felco pruners as well.

Here are the completed pruner cleanup and blade replacement pictures

The job took less than 1 hour to take two pairs apart clean and replace the new blades.

To keep your pruners in good condition you should clean and oil after each use.

I hope you have enjoyed this post for Garden Tool Cleaning and Blade Replacement to keep your pruners working for years to come.

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