Here are the Easiest Vegetable Plants to Grow

If you have plenty of space and want to know what the easiest vegetables to grow are?  Here is my list of the easiest plants for beginner and experienced gardeners to grow every year.

Here are the Easiest Vegetable Plants to Grow


There are several reasons I have beans on my list of easiest to grow.  1st the seeds are large and propagate very easily as long as you wait until the soil has warmed to 60 degrees or warmer.

Beans: Here are the Easiest Vegetable Plants to Grow because they are easy to plant and space so you do not need to thin them once they begin to come up since the seeds are large and easy to see as you plant them.

Beans will grow in most soils so you will not be required to amend the soil, but if you do they will produce more.

If you grow bush beans you will not need to have strings or a structure for them to grow up since they only reach a height of 1-2 feet.

Beans produce a good amount of fruit to enjoy in mid to late summer and if you keep them watered they will continue to produce for several weeks.

There are many varieties and colors of beans, I prefer to grow green, yellow, and purple to add color to the garden.  This year I did not grow the purple beans but opted for yellow and green (Oregon Ducks Colors)

This year I grew Crockett Bush Beans and a Yellow String bean.  They have produced an abundance of beans and the bush beans have shaded the base of the plants to retain moisture for the roots.

If you grow pole beans you will need to have posts with a string running between them to allow the beans to grow up the structure.  My posts were not tall enough this year, I would suggest you have the posts at least 6 feet above the ground for the beans to grow on.


Peas are on my list because they are one of the earliest vegetables to harvest and are easy to grow.  I would suggest growing snow peas or shelling peas since they are a great healthy snack to eat plain or added to stir-fries or salads.

It is best to grow in rows to allow you room on both sides to pick the peas from.

You will need to stake and run strings for the peas to grow on, typically you only need posts 4 feet above ground level but the structures need to be strong to support pea plants and peas.


This is a vegetable plant that is very easy to grow and produces an enormous amount of fruit.  You can plant these in mounds with 2-3 plants in each mound.  Allow several feet around the plants since they will grow and cover 3-5 feet in diameter.

There are many varieties to grow, my favorite is Cubes of Butter which is a yellow sweet, and tender zucchini.  Italian Ribbed which has a distinctive shape and is light green and white in color, and lastly your standard dark green zucchini which there are many varieties to choose from.

If you plant one of each of these you will be well supplied for you, your family, and your neighbors to eat and enjoy.

This year I planted some early and some late to keep me well stocked in late summer and early Fall when the first plants start to slow down in production.

Sungold Tomatoes

This is one of the easiest tomatoes to grow and will produce lots of small tomatoes for you all summer.  The tomatoes are about the size of a quarter and deep golden orange color that is sweet and juicy.

This tomato is resistant to diseases and once it starts producing tomatoes it will keep you well-supplied all Summer and Fall before the first frost in your area.

This tomato cannot be beaten for eating right out of the garden.

The plants can get very large so be sure to give it plenty of room when planting, it can reach over 6 feet tall and just as wide.

Here are the Easiest Vegetable Plants to Grow, now is the time to get started with these easy and flavorful vegetables to grow in your garden.

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