How to Buy Fresh Vegetables and Fruit

Let’s Get Started on How to Buy Fresh Vegetables and Fruit

I have shown you many ways to grow your own garden even down to one pot or planter gardening.  But if you decide not to grow a vegetable garden this year here are the next options that will still benefit you, your family, and the environment while getting fresh vegetables and fruit.

The options below are ways to get the freshest produce while supporting local farms and reducing your carbon footprint.

Before purchasing ask the farmer how they grow their food, whether is it organically certified, or what chemicals are used on the fruit and vegetables.  Also, inquire as to where they obtain the fruits and vegetables they do not grow and how they are grown.

Buy from Local Farms

Find the closest local farms where you can purchase fruit and vegetables from.  By doing this you will be providing your family with the freshest and healthiest food possible.

When buying from local farmers they usually do not need to apply as many chemicals to extend the life of the produce and if it is organic it will be chemical-free.

Another way to save the number of trips to the farms to buy produce is to team up with family or friends to take turns going to the farms to purchase your produce, this will save time and gas by reducing the number of trips each of you has to make.  You can divide up the items with the group by buying larger quantities at a discounted price.

Many Farms offer U-pick for you to go out into the farm and pick your own fruit and vegetables at a discounted price.  Not only can you save money but it is also fun and satisfying to do with your children.

One of my most incredible memories and now a tradition I have passed down to my children and grandchildren is to go to a farm and pick strawberries.  The smiles on the children’s faces to have them pick and eat a strawberry fresh in the field is one of my favorite traditions with my family.

At the end of the season, some Farmers will offer at a discounted price for you to go into the fields and orchards to glean the fields and orchards the remaining fruit and vegetables.  You will need to check with the Farms you buy from to see if they offer this to their customers.

Buy from Local Farmer’s Markets

If your town or community is like most you have a farmer’s market in the Spring, Summer, and Fall that can supply you with many local vegetables and fruit, and most are organically grown making them healthy for you and your family.

This is a great way to support local farmers that are all in one area for you to buy from and will introduce you to farms you may not be aware of that you can visit directly.

These farmer’s markets usually will have other local businesses selling their products such as bread and cheese that are made with local products.

Buy from Farmers Co-Ops

This is a newer trend that has risen in popularity where you can purchase boxes of vegetables and fruit on a weekly basis depending on what they have available.

Buy from Farms and online Produce companies that Deliver directly to you

There are many ways to get fresh produce delivered directly to you by joining one of the online companies.  This again can save you time and gas driving to the store to purchase the produce which will reduce your carbon footprint.  The selections offered are based on what is growing locally at the farms.

Comparison shopping

To help you in deciding to shop for your fruit and vegetables or grow your own this is a good way to see the value and money savings by recording what you bought, the weight or number of vegetables or fruit, and the cost each time you purchased them.

Lastly, record the number of trips you made and the mileage to and from the farm to add to your cost and also to see where you are impacting the environment.

At the end of the year,  you will not only see the cost but also what your family likes to eat if you decide to grow your own.

By taking these steps to record your purchases I believe you will be convinced to start gardening and planting your own fruit and vegetables next year.

I hope that these options on How to Buy Fresh Vegetables and Fruit will give you some new ways to get the freshest food for you and your family without growing your own.

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