How to Grow the Best Lemons

In this article, I will show you how to grow the best lemons and most productive lemon trees like the one below.  Lemon trees can produce fruit throughout the year and can produce over 100 lbs per crop.  Lemon trees not only provide a bountiful crop to enjoy but they add beautiful bright colors from deep green leaves and yellow fruit to your landscape.

How to Grow the Best Lemons


Lemon trees need to be planted in full sun with slightly acidic soil.  When planting the lemon tree the crown of the rootball should be slightly higher than the top of the soil.  The trees are best planted in early Spring to allow time for the tree to get established, most citrus trees can be planted in April in warm weather climates.


Now that you have the tree planted you need to keep the tree watered frequently, watering more heavily in the Fall, Spring, and Summer.  When watering you should deep water, remember if your tree is producing a lot of lemons they have lots of juice in each of those lemons requiring lots of water.  In winter you can reduce watering by 1/2.


For fertilizer, you should use Down To Earth Citrus Mix or another one you like that is specifically for citrus trees.  You should fertilize every 3 months or use a slow-release fertilizer to provide ample nutrients to the tree.  They are heavy feeders and if they are producing fruit like this tree they need ample amounts of fertilizer.  If your leaves are turning yellow the tree is telling you it needs more fertilizer.


Lemon trees are hardy in zones 9-12.


When pruning the lemon tree, you should prune to open the top up for light to get to the inner parts of the tree which will allow your fruit to ripen.  Make sure your pruning tools are sharp to prevent tearing branches, which can cause diseases.  Start by pruning in late Fall or Winter dead branches or diseased branches, and any suckers which rob the tree of water.  Next, take out some of the interior branches to allow air and sunlight to get to the fruit that will form later.


Lemons can be harvested when lemons are slightly green and mainly yellow if you want to allow them to ripen after picking.  For best-tasting pick lemons when entirely yellow 2-3 inches in size, firm, and glossy.  To harvest take lemon in hand and twist lemon until it comes off the branch without tearing the branch.  Lemons will stay fresh 2-4 weeks after harvesting them, keep them cool or refrigerated for best results.

I hope that this post on How to Grow the Best Lemons was helpful to you so that you can grow as many lemons as were on the tree in this photo.

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