How to Grow the Most Nutritious Garden

Why is it important to know How to Grow the Most Nutritious Garden?  For one thing, it tastes better and for another reason, it will provide you with all the best and most important nutrients to help you to age well and live healthily.

In this article, I will be helping you to understand the importance of nutrient-rich food when gardening and guide you to do this in your garden.

We all hope to live a long and healthy life, and by growing and eating the most nutritious vegetables and fruit you can give yourself the best chance at reaching milestones like 100 years lifespan.

Let’s get started by introducing you to two people that I will reference quite a lot.  Steve Solomon and Erica Reinheimer have written excellent books on the subject.

Satisfaction of Gardening

Once you have been bitten by the gardening bug you will find it difficult to ever stop.  Not only does it provide you with an improved mental awareness but it also enhances our time to relax, reduce and eliminate the stress we find in our daily lives especially now having lived through 2 years of a worldwide pandemic.

When I am in my garden it not only relaxes me to forget about the daily stresses that may be going on around me, it opens my mind to my surrounding’s colors, textures, fragrances, and the living life in my garden.

Each day can look different from the changes of what’s ripening to harvest to the colors that come with the flowers that have appeared overnight.

Having a garden allows you to control so many factors in your life from the expense of buying food to growing healthier food and not stressing over shortages that we are seeing around the world today.

There are health benefits from gardening that you will gain, burning calories, and getting fresh air and vitamin B by being outdoors to the health benefits of growing organic food that you and your family can enjoy knowing how it was grown.


To start with it is critical to have your soil test to understand what your soil contains in minerals and what it is lacking.  Every area is different so you cannot add minerals that a friend or family member recommends that lives across the country or world.

  • If you do not have a local person you trust to analyze your soil you can reach out to a master gardener, or garden center in your area to see if they have a recommendation.
  • In a book I recommend (The intelligent gardener and growing vegetables west of the Cascades) they have listed several places to request soil analysis.
  • By adding the correct organic nutrients to the soil your plants will not only flourish but what you eat will be more nutritious for you to put in your body than store-bought food that can contain unhealthy pesticides and fewer vitamins.

I use a COF that was developed by Steve Solomon to help my plants get started when I first plant them in the garden, I also add some organic fertilizers to help in root development like Rock Phosphate.

During the growing season, I use two liquid fertilizers depending on availability.  The first is Neptunes Tomato and Veggie and the second is Alaska Fish Emulsion, both of these provide great nutrients to all my vegetable plants to grow healthy plants that produce a great crop throughout the season.

How to Grow the Most Nutritious Garden

It is essential to plant the vegetable plants in the best location based on their needs.  The most critical need is direct sunlight and most plants need at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight to grow and produce the best crop.

Know each plant’s needs since some like peppers like lots of sunlight but do not like the late afternoon heat so you need to protect them by planting crops to shade them from the late afternoon sun.

Know the variety that grows best in your climate

Each climate has different effects on the plants you are growing so it is important to know what your growing climate is and what each plant’s variety needs are.  If you live in the north you have a shorter growing season so you need varieties that will produce crops in less time vs the south where you have a longer growing season.

I hope that you found this article to be helpful in How to Grow the Most Nutritious Garden and will provide you with the information to do the same.

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