How to Harvest and Dry Onions

Onions are a great vegetable to grow and store for use throughout the year with just a few steps to preserve them.

There are some varieties of onions that dry better than others.

Red Onions such as Brunswick

Walla Walla Sweet

Yellow Sweet Spanish

Heirloom White 

Candy Sweet

How to Harvest and Dry Onions

Harvest your onions when the tops turn brown and flop over.

To do this pull the onions and lay them on the ground to dry for 2-3 weeks, this will allow them to cure for you to store large onions for use later.  They need good air ventilation throughout the drying process.

You can also lay them on a screen or in a garage on the floor where they can dry, the key is to keep them from getting wet from rain or any water you are applying to the garden.

Once you have dried the onions and the tops have turned completely brown and the outer shell on the onion is brown and crunchy you should remove the top of the onion leaving only 2-3 inches of the stem attached to the onion.

To store them where they will last the longest they should be kept out of direct light and in a cool area with good air ventilation between the onions so that they are dry.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to harvest and dry onions.

Now it’s time to enjoy your harvest by adding them to your favorite recipes.

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