How to Keep Animals Out of Garden

If gardening is your passion, animals are your enemies. As much as you love deer, rabbits, squirrels, moles, woodchucks, moles, and gophers, you just love your garden more. One minute you’re peacefully admiring your beautiful garden while sipping a cup of coffee from your window, and the other minute, you’re running out to your garden to shoo away an animal. If it’s like this every day, you need to learn how to keep animals out of garden.

Having to replant your beautiful flowers and plants is heartbreaking, so it’s better to stop smaller and larger animals from coming to your garden uninvited. To them, it’s a buffet, but to you, it’s your hard work. Let’s learn how you can keep them out of your garden.

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1. Grow Your Plants and Flowers in Raised Beds

Raised beds will keep the animals out and your plants and flowers alive. You can either build your own raised bed or buy a raised bed. If you need to keep deer out of your garden, put a small wire fence around your raised bed.

2. Liquid Repellents Will Repel Animals

If you want to stop animals from coming into your garden, use liquid repellents. Animals don’t like the taste or smell of liquid repellents and will maintain their distance from your garden on their own. After the rain, you need to reapply it.

Animal in Garden

3. Turn Your Garden into Their Worst Nightmare

You can add scarecrows and other garden ornaments to give the animals a good scare. If you want your scare tactic to be successful, you need to move the scarecrow and garden ornaments frequently. Otherwise, they’ll know that it’s a trick to keep them away. You can also add motion sensor lights and sprinklers, which turn on when they detect motion, to your garden.

4. Hide the Compost

Animals might love compost more than your plants and flowers. Compost’s smell attracts animals. If you want the animals to mind their own business and not trespass into your property, put the compost in a container with a lid.

5. Be a Mess but not in the Garden

It’s okay to be messy sometimes. If you’re a clean freak, you’ll need to be messy for your garden, as that’s the only way to keep the animals out of your garden. If your garden’s edges are clean and tidy, animals will see it as a welcoming gesture. Let shrubs and grasses grow around your garden’s edges. Overgrown grass and shrubs will serve as appetizers, and we can hope that they would be too full for the main course— your flowers and plants.

6. Select the Plants and Flowers They Don’t Like

Keeping their favorite flowers and plants in your garden is like putting up an “All You Can Eat” sign. Instead, keep prickly and fragrant plants such as sage, lavender, and peonies in your garden.

7. Build a Wall…Fence

You can build a fence around your garden. A fence may make animals curious to know what’s on the other side, but that’ll it’ll remain— a thought. Choose the height of the fence based on the type of animals you want to prevent from strolling into your garden. Just ensure your fence is at least one-foot deep to prevent diggers. You can use wire fencing around your garden or place it around your fence.

8. Trap and Set Free

You can set a trap in your garden to catch them and then set them free. You can relocate them if your laws permit it. However, never hurt them, as they only came looking for supper, but ran into a trap. You can leave them in the woods, and yes, they’ll come again, and that’s why you need to protect your garden before they do.

If you don’t know how to set traps, you can contact a professional who does. The professional will safely trap them and move it very far away from your garden. Protect your garden with our tips before they have a chance to return.

Know what your city regulations are before you trap animals, each city has set rules and regulations on trapping animals, even if they are pests.

9. Entrust Your Trusty Friend— Your Pet

Do you have a dog or a cat? If you have a pet at home, it’s time to enlist their help in helping you protect your garden. Your dog will bark the creatures away, whereas your cat will meow them away. Cats can catch gophers and voles, while dogs can scare them away.

10.  Organic ways to Deter Animals in your Garden

Here are some recommendations to try to deter squirrels, and other small animals.  Cayenne pepper can be sprinkled around your garden if you do not have pets of your own.  Your pet’s hair or your hair can be spread around the plants to deter the animals, apparently, the smell of humans and dogs is not liked by squirrels.  Pinwheels are also good to scare off birds and other pests.  Irish Spring soap has an ingredient that raccoons and other animals dislike.

Do You Know What Type of Animal is Coming to Your Garden?

If you find evidence of animals eating your plants and flowers and ruining your garden, you need to first identify the type of animals coming to your garden as if it’s a mall. Some of the tips on how to keep animals out of the garden are based on what animals are your frequent visitors.

11. Snap Traps

This is unfortunately the only way to rid your garden of pests that will destroy your garden and cannot be released since they will come back to ruin all of your hard work in your garden.  These traps must be used carefully to not harm your pets or those animals they are not intended for.  The pests I am referring to are rats, mice, gophers, moles, and voles.


These pests are becoming a huge problem since people are raising chickens in the city which draws rats in with them.  The only way to rid your garden safely of rats is to use traps to kill them.  Do Not Use Poison-  If the rats eat the poison and your pet eats the rat or another good animal eats the rat it will kill that animal, also they can spread the poison to where your pet can get the poison.

Rats are drawn into the garden to feed on your fruit and vegetables, unfortunately, they can be one of the worst pests not only damaging your crops but also getting into your house or car to do major damage.

You will need to make sure your pets cannot get to this type of trap since it would injure your pet, the other option is to put it out each night and bring it in each morning.

You can put cameras in your garden to learn the type of animals that are coming, or you can do an all-nighter and stay awake until you spot that sneaky creature. You can even ask an experienced gardener who can tell what animal it is just by looking at the state of your garden.

They’ll also look for tracks and scat to determine the type of animals that keep coming. If you have the skill to find what animals are using your garden as their grocery store, you can do it yourself. With the animal identified, you can start using these tips to deter them from visiting your garden.

Our Final Thoughts

How to keep animals out of your garden is not a question you’ll be asking anymore. We’ve given you several tips, and it’s your turn to put them to good use. We want your garden to thrive, not die. You can save your garden and extend its life by protecting it from the animals.

You can use more than one tip to prevent them from eating your plants and flowers. If a tip works for you, continue using it. Your last resort is a professional who can create a plan to keep them out for good. Now go and protect your garden. Do it quickly; at this very minute, an animal might be calling its friends over for supper.

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