Storage of Fruit and Vegetables

Proper Storage of Fruit and Vegetables after Harvesting

Below are some suggested ways to store your fruit and vegetables and how long they should be stored for as well as some notes to help you get the most from your vegetables and fruit you harvest.

May be an image of text   After working so hard to grow your vegetables and fruit once you harvest them you need to ensure you are storing them to get the best flavor and freshness from them.

How to Harvest to lengthen your vegetables and fruit freshness

It is important to harvest the fruit and vegetables in the morning when it is cooler, this will provide you with the best-tasting and crispest product.

The exception to this rule is corn, corn is one vegetable that I would recommend you harvest and bring it in to clean and cook immediately to get the freshest and sweetest corn possible.


It is also important to remove the vegetables and fruit correctly from the plant to reduce damage to the plants and to maximize the life of the crop you have picked.

Storage of Fruit and Vegetables even the ones you purchase at a store or farmers market must be properly stored to keep them fresh.

Have you ever gone to the store or a farmers market and the fruit and vegetables you are going to purchase have been stored out in the direct sun without shade over them?

If so you have seen the toll on the fruit or vegetables and how they are limp and have lost their flavor and sometimes even spoiled.

Recently I purchased a Watermelon that had been stored outside in the sun where the temperatures had reached over 90 degrees for several days.  When I got home I noticed the watermelon was very warm to the touch and when I cut it open it had been baked and was no longer edible.

I recommend you bring a cooler for the products that you need to be stored in a refrigerator if you have any distance to travel to get home since summertime temperatures are usually very warm and it is even hotter inside your car.

The same thing can happen to you if you do not harvest and either use or store your fruit or vegetables immediately in the correct place.

Now that you know how Storage of Fruit and Vegetables is important to their freshness you can enjoy the freshest vegetables and fruit.

I hope that you found this post to be helpful to know the proper storage of fruit and vegetables to provide you with the best tasting fruit and vegetables.

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