The Best DIY Garden Ideas

I will discuss what I believe are the best garden DIY projects you can take on and instructions on how to make them and the tools you will need along with supplies you will need to purchase.

To save you money to decorate your garden with what I believe are fun and exciting projects I will show you how to make these instead of going out to purchase them premade.

The Best DIY Garden Ideas that you can build

Garden Potting Table

This potting table cost less than $20.00 to refinish and looks great in our yard.



List of supplies

An Old Desk found for free on the side of the road

We found these boards in the discount bin at Home Depot for 70% off for a cost of about $20.00

1-  1×6 boards

10- 1×4 boards

1 box 1 inch of old nails we had from a previous project

1 quart of stain (we mixed several stains to utilize what we had)


Paint Brush

Medium fine sandpaper


Drill and 1/8 inch bit to drill pilot holes for nails to keep wood from splitting

Garden Bird Bath/Fountains

See instructions on building these birdbaths in a separate article.

Small Fountain

Large Fountain

Large Planter Trough

You can use a livestock watering trough and convert it into a garden bed with very little effort or expense.

Once you have the trough you can leave it the original color of silver or you can paint it like the picture below with outdoor metal paint.

Next drill holes using a 1/2 inch bit through the bottom every 6 to 10 inches to allow good drainage.

Fill the bottom of the trough with 3/4 or 1-inch gravel.

Fill the trough to within 2-4 inches from the top with outdoor potting mix or bagged garden soil.

Once you have planted the trough you can use a mulch to spread out around your plants to retain moisture.


Drill with 1/2 inch bit

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