Tomato Comparison for Cherry Size Tomatoes

In this post tomato comparison for cherry-size tomatoes, we will look at some of my favorite cherry-sized tomatoes to compare for flavor, color, texture, production, and length of production.

These tomatoes are usually one of the first to harvest and usually will last until the first frost of the year.

Tomato Comparison for Cherry Size Tomatoes by Variety


Flavor-  This tomato has great tomato flavor, blending sweetness and acid

Color-  Sungold tomatoes are as the name says, a golden yellow/orange sun color when completely ripe

Texture-  Very juicy and a little larger than some of the cherry-size tomatoes

Production-  This is one of the largest producing cherry-sized tomatoes, be sure you have lots of room since the plants will grow very large mine is 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide.  These plants will continue to produce throughout the heat of the summer and up to the first frost of the year


Flavor-  This is a very sweet tomato, much less acidic, and less true tomato flavor.

Color-  Deep orange color and smaller in size compared to the Sungold

Texture-  Not as juicy as Sungold a smaller tomato and more meaty

Production-  The yield on this plant is good but nowhere near what you get from Sungold or Prairie Fire tomatoes.  This is the first year growing these so I will give you an update later in the season

Bumble Bee

Flavor- Mild flavor and less acidic.

Color-  Red with yellow or orange stripes

Texture-  This is a meaty cherry-sized tomato that holds up well to not split

Production-  The production on these plants is fair to good, but not as productive as Sungold Tomatoes.

Prairie Fire

Flavor-  This is my favorite, with Sungold running a close 2nd, this tomato is one of the juiciest with a great sweet and acidic flavor that explodes in your mouth

Color-  This tomato is red with yellow flame-colored stripes that make it stand out not only in the garden but also when added to dishes.

Shape-  They are a little larger and oval-shaped with a pointed tip

Texture-  Juicy and meaty for a small cherry-sized tomato

Production-  These plants are loaded with tomatoes producing as much as the Sungold tomatoes on a more upright plant.  They definitely will need to be caged and staked to keep them standing.  The only negative aspect of the prairie fire is the tomatoes can split if watered or rain on the plant

The final decision is based on each of the different categories but mainly on flavor, shape, and color

#1 Sungold & Prairie Fire Tied

#2 Sunsugar

#3 Bumble Bee

Now that you are equipped with the best information for tomato comparison for cherry size tomatoes you need to grow your own to start enjoying tomatoes early in the season throughout the summer and right up to the first frost in the winter or late fall.

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