Top Vegetables I Recommend Growing

Every year I try to find new vegetables to grow in my garden, this past year I had several.  Some of them turned out very good producing tasty crops others were not so good.  Please let me know what new vegetables you have grown and provide a review that I will share with everyone.

Top Vegetables I Recommend Growing

Lettuce Tree was totally new for me, having never heard of this before.  It was supposed to grow 4-6 feet tall and produce leaves that are edible similar to lettuce.  Mine did not grow well enough to produce enough for salad but the flavor was good.  I will probably try it again this year to see if I have better luck.

Kohlrabi is a vegetable very similar to a radish in flavor but I found it to be sweeter.  It grows above ground and is much larger than a radish.  When ripe you need to peel them to enjoy the inner flesh.  They come in several colors, I grew the purple variety and found them to not only taste good but were visually a nice addition for the garden.

Dragon Cucumber This is now one of my favorite cucumbers, it is a slender non-bitter cucumber that is dark green.  It has lots of spines but that adds to the look, but it is very crisp and crunchy.  Good production that produces cucumbers the entire summer.

Prairie Fire Tomato This is a small elongated tomato with incredible flavor and color.  The fruit is red to orange with yellow stripes and is very juicy.  This is one of my all-time favorite tomatoes for flavor.

Thelma Sanders Acorn Squash is an old variety of Acorn Squash that has been brought back.  It produces a squash that is supposed to be similar in flavor and color to sweet potatoes.  I found it produced squash that was golden-tan in color.  You need to give them plenty of room to grow since they need room to spread out like other squash.  The flavor was not as sweet as sweet potatoes but still very good.

Mashed Potato Acorn Squash is a bright white acorn squash that was supposed to have the flavor of baked potatoes when cooked, I did not think the flavor was that of baked potatoes but found it to be a mild flavor that tasted good and was a great addition in the garden with the white squash.

Big Zach Tomato (Picture below shows Big Zach compared to other tomatoes) was a new tomato that I grew for the first time last year and have now added it to my list of favorite tomatoes to grow.  It was a huge tomato that produced tomatoes 5-7 inches across and was very juicy and flavorful.  I would highly recommend growing this variety.  Make sure you have large strong cages for the plant since it is as big as the tomatoes it produces.

Yellow Boy Tomato is a new tomato that I have added to my favorite list for its color which is bright yellow and for its flavor which is less acid and very juicy.  The tomato is smaller ranging in size from 2-3 inches across but it produces an abundance of fruit throughout the season.  The Yellow Boy is next to the other red tomatoes to show you the size and bright yellow color of these great tomatoes.

Here is a list of past year’s favorites that you should grow in your garden if you have not done so yet.

Diva Cucumbers this is a snack-size cucumber that is small non-bitter smooth and very crunchy and juicy in flavor.  I highly recommend growing this cucumber.  The plants are a little more sensitive than other cucumbers to cool temperatures so be sure to wait to plant in the garden until temperatures have warmed to the upper 40s or low 50s for low temperatures.

Sungold Tomatoes this tomato cannot be beaten in flavor, color, and size for snacking on or adding to salads.  It has a bright golden orange color that is the size of a cherry tomato and is very juicy.  The plant produces lots of fruit but is so liked by our family that I will plant 2 plants to give us and our extended family a good supply all summer.  Children love growing this tomato since it is one of the earliest to produce fruit and can be eaten right in the garden.  This is a must-have tomato in your garden!!

best tomatoes to grow

Pineapple Tomatoes is the best of the best in tomatoes for size (large slicer) to color in the garden bright orange with some red traits, to flavors being one of the juiciest and non-acid tomatoes that I have ever had.  The best part of this tomato is when you slice it the interior is bright orange with red streaks out from the center appearing like a pineapple which will add to any fresh tomato dish you prepare.

Candy Onions are one of my favorite onions to grow for size and flavor.  They will grow to be large onions 3-5 inches across and have a sweet flavor that is less harsh than any other onions I have grown.

Now that you know my Top Vegetables I Recommend Growing you need to get out and try some or all of them.  If you have a favorite please share it with me so that I can test it in my garden and share it with others.

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