What Flowers to Grow in your Yard

Flowers are great to have in your garden to add a burst of color, texture, and fragrances but they are also a great companion to attract pollinators to your yard.  These are some plants that are easy to grow and will add to your garden all summer long.

Here is a List of What Flowers to Grow in Your Yard

Have fun planting these flowers and more to paint your picture using plants with different colors, textures, and fragrances and as the weeks and months go by the view of your garden changes.


This has one of the largest flowers you will find to grow in your yard.  It is a type of hydrangea with large, showy white flowers covering the plant and getting extremely large.

The plant can grow in partial shade to full sun if you provide lots of water and well-draining soil.  The plant will spread and can easily be started from these shoots that spread out from the main plant.

The flowers start as a lime green color in June and turn to these beautiful white clusters in July with the flowers lasting until early Fall when they will turn a light brown.

They are great as cut flowers to bring in the house or to dry and enjoy throughout the year.

Plant size can get very large reaching 6-8 feet wide and 4-6 feet tall.  it is a deciduous plant that should be pruned back to about 8-12 inches in the late-Fall or early Winter.


These are bulbs that produce large red showy flowers that hummingbirds love to perch on and eat the nectar.

They come in red and yellow and can be 3-5 feet tall with long sprays of flowers that appear in July and will continue to bloom until mid-August in direct sun and in partial shade will continue to bloom until mid-September.

I love to plant with white blooming flowers in the background like the white Daisies or white Annabelle’s to showcase the red flowers..  You can plant in full sun to partial shade.

They do not hold up well as cut flowers for arrangements, only lasting a few days.  Enjoy in the yard where you will get weeks of enjoyment, especially watching the hummingbirds feast on their nectar.

They will spread out establishing small bulbs that may not bloom for a few years or will produce small sprays of flowers.

I enjoy the sprays of stems even after the red flowers have disappeared adding texture to your garden.  In the late Fall, they can be trimmed back to a few inches since they are a deciduous plant.

These are two of my favorite flowers to grow in my yard, I hope that you have the pleasure of growing them in yours to enjoy all summer long.

Great Companion Flower Plantings

Daisies, Annabelle’s, and Crocosamine, Hydrangeas

Sea Holly

This plant grows 2-3 feet tall and about 1-2 feet wide, it has the most incredible blue color in Summer and later in the Fall the lower leaves add green, white and pink.  The texture is incredible and adds a unique shape that cannot be beaten.

Sea Holly


Hydrangeas are a deciduous plant that offers great blooms in many colors from brilliant blue like this one to pink, white, and other beautiful colors.  They can bloom from spring to early summer and last all summer long with beautiful blooms.

Plant them by digging a hole that is twice as large as the container they are in and add good organic soil that will allow roots to expand.

These beauties are easy to grow and care for.  They enjoy a north-facing area to do best avoiding the late heat of the day and enjoying the early morning sun.

They do best when planted in organic matter soil that is light and well-draining.  Be sure to give them plenty of room to grow since they can get very large reaching 10-15 feet tall and just as wide if given the room to expand.  Be sure to compost them so that they can stay cool and moist.

Apply fertilizer in the spring and early summer to give you large blooms like these.

The flowers are great to cut and enjoy inside as well, be sure to cut in the morning.  They will last for several days and can be dried to enjoy all year long.

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