What is Grazon Contamination

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What is Grazon, below we will explain.

Grazon is a herbicide that is used to control weeds and has been absorbed into the grass and weeds that have now been mixed into soils and mulches.  It works by affecting the cell growth of plants thus causing the weeds/plants to die.

Grazon can be absorbed in the food that cattle eat and transferred to the manure and straw that is sold in the market, be careful where you buy your garden products from to reduce the chance of introducing Grazon in your garden.

This is a massive issue with soil contamination from pesticides being absorbed in plant material that is being used for garden soil and sold to home gardeners.

Grazon can kill your plants or at best it will damage the plants resulting in less flowering and less fruiting.  It also will be absorbed into the fruit of the plant and thus pass that along to you when you eat the fruit or vegetable.

The contamination can last for months and years ruining the soil for growing plants and can seep deep into the soil.

How to reduce the chance of Grazon in your garden

First, you should eliminate the use of these herbicides that contaminate the soil.

If you have neighbors that use herbicides ask them not to spray near your property border and explain how Grazon can contaminate your soil through the wind drifting it into your yard and what Grazon contamination is.

If you are buying soil, or mulches for your garden be sure to inquire with the company to see if the product is Grazon free or not.

If you produce your own compost and you have not allowed any product impacted with herbicides you are safe to use the product in your garden.

What to look for in your plants impacted by Grazon

Look at the leaves, if they are curled oddly and twisted this is most likely Grazon.  Also, the leave will get smaller and smaller but still be green, the plants will not produce blossoms and fruit if infected with Grazon.

How to correct plants impacted by Grazon

Remove the manure, compost, straw, or soil that has infected your garden with Grazon and dispose of them so it will not get back into the environment again.

Remove all the plants impacted by Grazon and throw them in the garbage, do not put them in your compost bins.

To remove the Grazon you can add charcoal or ash and mix in the topsoil this may take a year to remove the toxins, and you can also plant grass that will absorb the Grazon.  You will need to remove all the grass at the end of the growing season and toss it in the garbage to dispose of it.


Know what effects Grazon has on your garden and know where your garden soil and mulch come from and if it is contaminated with Grazon before buying it.

Grazon can take years to remove from the soil once it is introduced.

Now that you know what Grazon is you can reduce the chance of exposure in your garden.

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