What Vegetables Grow in the Shade

There are many vegetables and herbs you can grow in the shade as long as they receive some sunlight.  To understand What Vegetables Grow in the Shade you need to understand what the definition is of the levels of shade so that you can plant the vegetables in an area where they will thrive in.

Remember you can create shade by planting vertically to block sunlight to provide ideal shaded conditions.

Partial Shade

3 hours of direct sunlight per day is considered partial shade for plants.

Filtered Sunlight

This is an area that receives filtered light through overhead trees and leaves.


Full Shade

Less than 3 hours of direct sunlight per day and filtered light the remainder of the day.

What Vegetables Grow in the Shade

Companion plants

These vegetables grow best in shaded areas of your garden especially when the weather heats up which can cause some of them to bolt.  These conditions can extend the life of your vegetables.

Lettuce grows very well in areas that are in partial shade and can even grow in filtered sunlight.  The ideal conditions for lettuce is an area that receives morning sun and shade in mid-day and late afternoon sun.  The late direct sunlight can cause lettuce to wilt and make the leaves tough.

Spinach grows in shaded areas as long as they receive 3 hours of sunlight.  The shaded area can keep the spinach from bolting and prolong the growing season.

Kale is another leafy vegetable that will do well in shaded areas of your garden as long as they receive 3 hours of sunlight.

Beets and Carrots can also be grown in shaded areas of your garden, they may take longer to mature but it is also good for allowing the soil to be moist, especially when trying to germinate the seeds.

Swiss Chard prefers a shaded area of the garden to thrive.

Peppers can also grow in less sun as long as the sunlight they receive is morning and early afternoon, and shade from mid to late afternoon.

Herb List for Shaded Areas

Many herbs also do well in a shaded area of your garden.

Cilantro growing in shaded conditions not only helps to promote good growth of cilantro but also keeps it from flowering and going to seed early in the summer heat.

Rosemary will tolerate some shade but will not do well in full shade and ideally needs full sun.

Mint can grow in any condition shade or sun and it is best to grow in a container that does not have holes in the bottom since it can send shoots underground and spread rapidly.

Basil grows best in the morning sun and prefers afternoon shade to stay cooler.

Oregano needs more sun than most herbs but can tolerate partial shade needing at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day.

Although vegetables and herbs will grow in some shade it is best to provide them with morning sun and shade from the heat of the late afternoon sun.

Now that you know What Vegetables Grow in the Shade take advantage of the microclimates in your yard to grow a garden that will produce lots of vegetables and herbs for you and your family to enjoy.

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