Why does Water Bead up on Kale Leaves?

Have you asked yourself Why does Water Bead up on Kale Leaves?

We have the answer.

Water is a polar molecule that tries to stick or attach to other materials, Kale has a waxy coating on the leaves which prevents the water molecules from attaching which causes the water to bead up.

This is a good thing in that water when splashed up on the leaves of plants can cause many diseases.  Since the water cannot be absorbed into the leaves and rolls off it prevents the disease from attaching to the Kale leaves.

Kale Leaf

Other facts about Kale


Kale is packed with antioxidants and other vitamins such as vitamins A and K.  This is a super food that helps to prevent cancer and can be eaten in many ways.

Kale can be used to make chips, mixed in salads, and soups, and added to smoothies.  Whatever you chose to do with your kale you need to get everyone in your family to eat more kale.

Kale has the best flavor when harvested in the morning or in the Fall after a cold spell or even a light frost.

Kale comes in many colors and textures, blue/green, green, white, and purple.

I hope that you found this post to be informative on Kale and all the benefits it can bring you by eating kale in your everyday diet as well as answering the question Why does Water Bead up on Kale Leaves?

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